Audrey Rouzer


A plus size caucasian woman wearing a long black coat and knee high black boots poses on one knee against a white wall. This shows off her long dark hair and her heavy eye makeup making her look confident and trustworthy.
A naked plus size woman turned away from the viewer, leaning on her left arm. Her back and buttocks are showing and her side profile of her face shows glam makeup and her hair was expertly put into a high bun. This images shows her body in a way that mimics renaissance art, with no shame in her largeness.

SCAD Grad ‘17 + Bunny and Cat Mom

That’s me, Audrey, the founder of Audrey Rouzer Portraits and full-time boudoir photographer! Yes, I’ve been in your shoes as a boudoir client and I’ve made it my mission to offer incredible body inclusive boudoir. 

So many people have asked me "Why boudoir? How did you get into this? Why is this a thing?" and the simple answer is: I grew up never seeing women in the media who looked like me.

No ads, no magazine covers, no fashion runways. It made me feel like something was wrong with my body and that everyone else felt that way too.

The sad truth is I still struggle with self-acceptance, just like most women do.

Fast forward 20 years and as a society, we’ve made some progress! Now women of all shapes and sizes are finding their power through boudoir portraits and that’s where I come in.

That’s the secret I’ve learned about self-esteem: sometimes it isn’t inherent, and you have to work to maintain it.

Boudoir is a fantastic tool to do it. Confidence is not something most people have in order to do a boudoir session, it’s something they GAIN from boudoir.

Backwards and terrifying, I know. I almost got sick before my first session but it was so worth it. It’s pretty, right? I NEVER thought I could look like that, yet there I am in all of my glory!

No one’s body is “wrong” and I’m here to prove it to you. What’s that phrase? Those who can’t do, teach, right?

I promise, you won’t be more awkward than me (you’ll most likely see me test gravity with my body at least once during your session) and I walk you through every single pose, head to tippy toe!

I’m your personal cheerleader and stylist as you exit your comfort zone toward feeling more powerful than you ever have.

It’s time to change the way you see yourself. I’m here to help.

xoxo, Audrey

I'm a trauma-informed photographer

Healing matters in my life and my business

For me, shooting boudoir photography is more than just a job. It’s a passion that serves as a form of healing for both me and my clients.

My childhood was filled with neglect and abuse, and it’s something that has stayed with me even into adulthood. But through boudoir photography, I’ve been able to help women find their self-esteem and create a happier version of themselves (and myself along the way.)

Growing up, my mother never took care of herself physically or emotionally. I attribute that mindset to societal pressure that prioritized caring for others, especially one’s children, above one’s own needs and desires.

Boudoir helps my clients heal without a doubt, but it’s also a healing journey for me because not only do I get to help women find their self-esteem, I hope that I indirectly get to help their families by helping women create the happiest version of themselves.

My animals are my world

In my natural habitat, you’ll find me lost in the labyrinth of fantasy worlds on my Kindle, with my rescue cat clinging to me like I’m the last tree in a catnip forest.

My bunnies, who I adore more than life itself, are the true rulers of our domain, hopping around and demanding treats (which, let’s be honest, they receive in abundance).

As for my green thumb, it’s more of a ‘grim reaper’ thumb – I’ve killed more houseplants than I’d care to admit. They say plants have feelings too, so I like to think I’m sparing them the horror of my singing.