Kaila Moseley

Hair + Makeup

Totally Glam, but Excessively Average

My name is Kaila, and I’ve been doing hair and makeup artistry for over 14 years. While I specialize in bridal, my passion has always been portrait glam!

In addition to traveling all over the US for weddings and events, I have the privilege of working closely alongside the Miss Maryland organization as a local sponsor!

I have been doing hair and makeup for 15 years, but my passion for it really started in high school. I started to suffer from severe cystic acne that made it really hard to feel confident in my skin.

I also have naturally really curly hair and both together made me feel somewhat like a misfit. It wasn’t trendy or celebrated back then, so it often left me looking for ways to feel “prettier”.

Through that- I found makeup.
It quickly became a security blanket. One that was both creative and fun- but also one that in many ways just masked my deeper insecurities I wasn’t willing to address.

I hid behind straightened hair and makeup most of my teens and early 20s but I also realized how powerful both could be in allowing you to feel confident. I knew I wanted others to experience the same.

In those seasons- I went on Accutane to clear my skin, got a bachelor’s in Athletic Training, got married fairly young, and continued to keep my hair and makeup passion at the forefront.

I pursued my career in athletic training for 7 years, keeping hair and makeup mostly as a consistent side hustle until I had my kids.

It was after having my daughter, and undergoing a really challenging pregnancy that completely changed my body in every way postpartum, that I started to really lose myself.

I thought I worked on this” would play in my head but I really hadn’t. I just masked it for years.

So, faced with new insecurities- weight gain, an umbilical hernia, a torn diastasis, saggy boobs, bigger feet, scalp psoriasis and more – I decided it was time to really focus on healing my mind.

I learned it honestly doesn’t matter if you have a perfect body or perfect skin. If your mindset can’t love yourself through it, it never will – even if you change those things you hate.

So my mission to finding true self-love and confidence really started.

Now, I make it a point to compliment myself daily. I rock outfits that I like even if they aren’t perfectly flattering. I go without makeup because skin has texture and it’s REAL. I get the boudoir pictures taken because this body has done some incredible things.

The journey is ongoing, but I want to look back on a life that I am proud of and enjoy. One where I live confidently, boldy and with purpose.

But it’s a daily choice.

And doing hair and makeup has truly been more than just a job because it’s taken me on this evolution. It’s challenged me and it’s allowed me the opportunity to meet some incredible people and help others feel confident too.

Over 15 years this passion has lead to now being my full time job. I’ve had opportunities to travel, have my work featured on Lifetime, People Magazine, and the Miss America stage, share in hundreds of weddings for some incredible brides, and most importantly have the opportunity to share encouragement, empowerment, and a safe space for people to be themselves.

The art of hair and makeup can be such a gift. And playing a small role in helping someone love themselves a little more and seeing the beauty they’ve always possessed is truly priceless.

And through this process – I hope you feel it yourself too.

I make hair and beauty magic for your boudoir session.

We’re the plus-size duo who are perpetually glistening (because “sweaty” doesn’t do our eternal glow justice) and navigating life with what can only be described as squirrels-at-a-rave ADHD brains.

We’re ready to turn your day from meh to magic with our infectious laughter, clumsiness, and an uncanny ability to make you feel right at home.

While we’re professionals and confident in our abilities, we highly value relatability and silliness.

Who said you can’t mix luxury and fun? We do!

I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur since 2019 and in addition to running my hair and makeup business, I share my passion for helping people with their self-care outside of the chair by being partnered with a luxury vegan hair and skincare line!

I’ve been married for 10 years to my high school sweetheart, Josh, have two kids of my own-Charlotte and Maddox, and have adopted two teenage brothers.

We share our home in Chambersburg, PA with our dog, Boo, and cats Jack-Jack and Otis. You can usually find me wearing all things black with some crazy jewelry almost every day.

I’m so excited to help you feel pampered and confident!