What Makes Audrey Rouzer The Best Boudoir Photographer In Maryland?

maryland boho themed bridal boudoir session with black lingerie and curvy client pampas grass
Any photographer can snap pictures of you in a negligée.  But trust and believe, this alone does not a best boudoir photographer make.

Time To Drop The Robe And Start Talking!

The best boudoir photographers will accentuate your best features and highlight your assets. They’ll tell you you’re beautiful and to “relax and offer various settings, themes, and props to add texture and contrast. They’ll tilt your chin 2mm down and to the left to ensure the light hits your cheekbones just right. 

An extraordinary boudoir photographer actually does all those same things. But long before they fluff your feathers and shift your satin, they don’t tell you to “relax,” they make you feel relaxed. 

This is the nucleus of Audrey’s superpower. 

If you’re in or near Hagerstown, Maryland, and you Google “best boudoir photographer in Maryland,” the options are, to say the least, limited. In fact, boudoir photographers around Washington County and even Frederick County are scarce on the list of talented artists. And please understand… any photographer can snap pictures of you in a negligée. 

But trust and believe, this alone does not a best boudoir photographer make.

All About Audrey

maryland plus size boudoir photographer


When you mention “boudoir” it’s typically a mixed bag of responses. The idea of wearing something lacey, thongy, and strappy – in front of a stranger – can be a debilitating concept for some women. 

“My body isn’t built for boudoir.”

“I’m too heavy to look sexy in lingerie.”

“These kids wreaked havoc on my body – I could never!”

But the reality is, boudoir really is for every body. Women are often labeled and defined by their appearance. Truth be told, we do a lot of this damage to ourselves. Understanding that every woman deserves to look and feel sexy is the motivation behind Audrey’s craft. Not money. Not fame. Just fearless FEMINISM.

And newsflash! Boudoir isn’t just ideal for cis women! Audrey’s studio doors are open to all members of the non-binary and LGBTQ+ communities. In fact, hers is a fully-inclusive environment where women of all ages, races, shapes, and sizes are welcome. 

Audrey’s extraordinary hair and make-up team is well-versed in working with all skin types and tones, as well as all hair lengths and textures. So whether you’re a 19-year-old with blonde 1A, an 87-year-old woman of color rocking 4C coils, or a 45-year-old BIPOC trans woman with a 2C/3B combo coif, her rock star glam squad can style you as classy or as bad-assy as you’re willing to go.

Maybe you’d like to capture your erotic side with your significant other. Couple’s sessions are absolutely a thing! And not just traditional couples – same-sex, trans, non-binary, BFFs – all couples are welcome. Keep it soft and sensual or add some leather and a little bondage. It’s your fantasy to reveal. 


Audrey sees beauty in what others may find ordinary. She understands that inside every woman, is a feminine Goddess who deserves to shine and just needs the right setting to show off her sass. 

She knows that women have long been slapped with derogatory labels, boxed in by external forces like social media, Hollywood trends, and even our own friends and family. We’ve all too often seen and felt the limitations placed on us based on our size, hair texture, assigned gender, skin tone, cup size, height, shape, curve ratio, and so many other physical characteristics.

But embracing our differences, seeing ourselves in a new and even contradicting light… unjudged, unlabeled, uninhibited… this is the undeniable power of femininity. And this is the depth that she captures in her images.  


Booking your boudoir sesh with Audrey is beyond easy. You don’t have to worry about any of the aesthetics – not even your wardrobe! 

Audrey Rouzer Portraits offers a full client closet of options in a variety of styles, themes, and colors, and includes sizes XS through 6X. And before you get the heebie-jeebies from the idea of gently used kitty covers, none of the lingerie in the client closet has been worn and you actually get to keep what you wear in your session! So, once you embrace Audrey’s luxury boudoir experience, you have the opportunity to recreate that vibe behind your own closed doors. *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*

In addition to having your wardrobe covered, she has her amazing team of hair stylists and make-up artists on deck. Their extensive knowledge and experience with women from all ethnic, gender, and cultural backgrounds means her clients don’t feel fake – you feel accentuated. Saucy. Seductive

The true talent behind this artistry isn’t your pretty face paint and perfectly-laid curls. It’s the attitude that comes through in the process. Ultimately, when you realize that the woman who walked into Audrey’s studio is NAHT the same Woman who’s walking out… that’s priceless.

And speaking of priceless, let’s talk payment options.

That’s right – payment options. Audrey’s boudoir photography sessions aren’t going to be the cheapest you’ll find. That’s just real talk. But like most things in life, you get what you pay for. And let’s not kid ourselves – this is an investment in you, and dammit, you deserve to experience the best boudoir photographer in Maryland!

She does however offer a pretty sweet payment plan. If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you typically have to pay 50% to reserve your spot with the option to make payments for X number of months leading up to the departure date. Audrey’s Pre-Session Payment is much like a cruise. You choose your Collection, make a downpayment to lock in the session date, then simply make installment payments leading up to your date. Need to push your shoot out a little? No penalty and no problem! She’ll work with you! And for using the payment plan, you also get to choose from a Bonus list! Think freebies like access to special sets, fun products to add to your order, or a massage the day of your session. Take that Royal Caribbean! 


Audrey earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in the deep south, where she attended Savannah College of Art and Design. She recognized a specific need for more diverse female representation so she brought it. She received notable awards for spotlighting women of all body types, and she continues to glamify women of every shape, size, and shade.

Audrey’s roots are just up the road in Southern PA, but her boutique studio is right here in Hagerstown, Maryland. She’s transformed a gorgeous and purposefully restored historic downtown building into a blazing Boudie bomb drop. 

Being so centrally located, she’s uniquely convenient for clients living up and down I81, from Harrisburg to Winchester, and all across I70 from Pittsburgh to Baltimore. 

Fun Fact: She recently finalized an order for a client who drove all the way from Atlanta for her boudie sesh!


Again, no disrespect but any fool with an iPhone can take pictures of you in a Victoria’s Secret special with a fluffy pillow. But that el-cheapo route won’t allow you to properly experience the true nature of boudoir. Emotional and mental intangibles like…

  • the ability to drop the “baggage” and the uncertainties you may be carrying
  • leaving the negative narrative behind when you cross her threshold
  • truly appreciating your body and all its curves, lines, and experiences
  • the full Hollywood glam treatment by our talented hair and makeup artist Kaila
  • being carefully and kindly coached through your session to ensure you’re comfortable with everything on and around you. 

All served up on a silver platter, in an inclusive and judgment-free space, that allows you to fully embrace your true, sensual femininity – whatever that looks like to you.

fine art boudoir photography of the back of a woman standing against draping fabric to look like a goddess

There’s literally nothing NOT sexy about that! 

Even sexier are the products Audrey offers to memorialize your bangin boudie session. Choose the subtle route or put all your gorgeousness on full display above the mantle. From metal wall prints and top-quality photo albums, to customized Reel Viewers loaded with discs full of your booty to enjoy privately, there are plenty of options to choose from that you’ll undoubtedly cherish for a lifetime. Long-lasting products, made for terrorizing your grandkids well into your 80s. That’s right… you can be THAT Nanna!

reel viewer to hold boudoir images inside and give a nostalgic feeling

So, now that you have a little more insight into Audrey Rouzer, her intentions, and her approach, I’ll ask you again…

What makes Audrey Rouzer the best boudoir photographer in Maryland?

Absolutely everything makes her the best boudoir photographer in Maryland

Don’t miss your opportunity to find and flaunt the sexy badass you already know is “in there.” Get your boudoir session booked before she’s totally maxed out on availability!

Written By Carri Helman, Copy by Carri