Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in it, it’s for you despite every reason you’re telling yourself it’s not.

Yes, we will get your measurements beforehand and will ensure that you absolutely have something that works well for you! We have sizes from XS-6X.

As humans, we gain confidence by doing things that scare us and realizing that we’re going to be okay. The only person who can make you believe you’re beautiful is yourself.

So, we have created a space where our artists help you realize how amazing your body is. Our luxurious studio has everything you will need to feel cared for. Our team will listen to your concerns and come up with a beauty plan that makes you feel like a goddess. When you enjoy your day with us and see those final photos, we believe you’ll finally see what others see and see yourself in a way you never have before.

Our luxury boudoir experience is created to leave you feeling confident, empowered, and truly believing that you are uniquely perfect as you are – right now!

Our gorgeous, all-inclusive studio is located in Hagerstown MD. We have a gorgeous building with architecture inspired by castles, a ton of natural light, and beautiful sets inside!

Only if you give us permission! Privacy is our #1 goal and no one outside the team sees your images unless we have your full permission in the form of a model release. No one outside our team ever has to see your images if you don’t want them to!

Yes! Our Pre-Session Payment Plan is as flexible as it gets because it’s in-house through us (no credit line/check/interest etc) and you pick every single variable that can be chosen. They come with fun bonuses like our wings, extra products for your order, or a 60-minute massage! Every single one of our clients has used it and found it user-friendly! They take place before your session so that when you arrive that day, you won’t be focused on finances, you’ll be ready to have FUN!
Yes, our boutique brick and mortar studio in the heart of downtown Hagerstown has privacy film on every window. No one aside from our team will enter the space during hair and makeup. Audrey is the only person present during your session.
We are open to 18+ and we have no age limit! We encourage mature women to take this time for themselves and experience this session.
90% of our clients are doing this just for themselves – it’s all about empowering yourself, with no need to share unless you’d like to. The pressure of doing a session like this for a partner can hinder the process, so Audrey encourages you to take the leap for yourself.
Sometimes dipping a toe feels more comfortable, but we specialize in full experience portrait photography sessions.
First, don’t panic… we get it. Our just-in-case kit in the bathroom includes pads, tampons, and everything you’ll need. It’s super easy for our team to hide a tampon string in editing, and we have a plan if you just prefer pads. It won’t hinder your session in any way. Audrey’s a pro at posing & lighting to cover any bloating you may be dealing with as well.
Unless you specifically request it, it will not be included in your session.
However you normally groom is fine – we cannot remove hair post-production, so please make your choice before you leave. And pro tip: don’t choose this time to wax for the 1st time. Don’t worry, you’ll receive a prep guide before your session!
Our style revolves around showing your essence without immortalizing blemishes, minor scars, gray hairs, or bug bites. We do basic skin softening but we try not to over-work the images where we lose your essence. It’s magazine-level retouching that doesn’t lose your unique look.
We do not offer couples sessions at this time.
1 friend is welcome during the hair and makeup process. However, we ask that it’s just you and Audrey during the session itself to limit distractions and feelings of needing to perform.
We offer same-day viewings and ordering appointments where you see the pictures for the first time after a 30-minute lunch break the same day of your session.
On average, it takes 5-6 weeks to receive your final product order. Our products, like our experience, are designed to be the best of the best. The lab we use for printing and products is located in Canada. Each product is handmade by a team of women who ensure privacy, safety, and professionalism.