Maryland Boudoir – A Client testimonial including Driving from Atlanta for her Session

"Once I walked into the studio and we started picking out outfits and going over the vibe of the shoot, my nerves melted away..."

“I am a performer and have been for most of my life. I was even a model when I was younger. While I am used to being in front of a camera, I haven’t done boudoir before.

It’s not something I’ve had the opportunity to do, but it is something that I have wanted to do for a while. I love the gothic romance meets Hollywood glamor style that boudoir has, I feel like that’s the most fully realized version of my personal style and aesthetic.

I knew Audrey through school. I had modeled for one of Audrey’s projects and I loved how supportive she was through the whole process, as well as how much she celebrates different body types. I have wanted to support her business since she opened it but I live in Atlanta, Georgia, so I wasn’t able to do a Maryland boudoir shoot right away.

Also, getting time away with a busy schedule and jobs that offered little to no time off made things even more difficult. I finally had some vacation time and I was going to be in the area visiting friends I hadn’t seen since before the pandemic. I saw Audrey having a sale and jumped on the chance to finally book a shoot! 

atlanta native posing in front of the fireplace for her maryland boudoir session

This experience was so positive and empowering compared to other shoots I have done in the past.

In my experience as performer and model, I’ve had people make not so nice comments about my body or the way I look right to my face during photo shoots. I knew that Audrey would not do this because she was so uplifting during our previous work together. However, I was still a bit nervous just because I had more negative experiences than positive ones. 

Once I walked into the studio and we started picking out outfits and going over the vibe of the shoot, my nerves melted away. Audrey and her team created such a safe space that I was not nervous at all while we were shooting. Audrey also provides great guidance in terms of positioning your body that even someone with experience appreciates! Sometimes your brain just runs out of ideas but Audrey has a rolodex of poses that look amazing from every angle. 

It was such a wonderful experience from start to finish.

I think my favorite part of the day was sitting down and finally getting to look at all the photos. Audrey showed me some sneak peaks as we were shooting but I loved getting to see all of them at the end. I cannot recommend this experience enough! It really is worth it in every sense. When I live by myself, I’ll probably get a print to hang up somewhere but for now I have all my pictures in my gorgeous album. “