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Shower Yourself in Love & Art

A full day of VIP pampering

For just $149 (Reg. $599)

and $500 off Collections!

Your identity will be respected and honored – our studio is uniquely inclusive for POC, LGBTQIA+ women, non-binary individuals, and is the only Maryland boudoir studio that is handicap accessible.

I first did a shoot with Audrey in 2019! It was unlike anything I’ve ever done. And Audrey made me feel super comfortable and confident. I was struggling with my post-baby body. For the first time since giving birth in 2017, Audrey helped me to see the beauty in my new figure. I would 100% recommend Audrey to anyone.

A Luxurious Experience

Our sessions are designed to give you one full, uninterrupted day of pampering and includes: 

Plus: A Free Shower Set Bonus! (Normally $400)

On sale for for $149

and $500 off Collections!

(Studio Fee going back to $599 in June!)

**Images, Products and Collections are purchased separately. Minimum investment starting at $1,500**

We provide an extremely flexible Pre-Session Payment Plan leading up to your session- set up similarly to a cruise! Just ask!

Only TWO Summer Sale Spots!

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Your Boudoir Session at a Glance

Meet the Team

Arrival - 11:00am

Hair & Makeup

Wardrobe Selection


With Audrey

Lunch Break

~30 Minutes

Return to View

Until 5:00pm

Do this to make you feel alive, to make you feel vibrant and spontaneous. Honestly it makes you feel like a bad ass person. Don’t have the money, someone won’t let you, scared to do it? Well, I am here to tell you there is a payment plan, you can do!! That person saying no doesn’t understand the benefits and beauty of this.

Frequently Asked Questions

As humans, we gain confidence by doing things that scare us and realizing that we’re going to be okay. The only person who can make you believe you’re beautiful is yourself.

So, we have created a space where our artists help you realize how amazing your body is. Our luxurious studio has everything you will need to feel cared for. Our team will listen to your concerns and come up with a beauty plan that makes you feel like a goddess. When you enjoy your day with us and see those final photos, we believe you’ll finally see what others see and see yourself in a way you never have before.

Our luxury boudoir experience is created to leave you feeling confident, empowered, and truly believing that you are uniquely perfect as you are – right now!

Our gorgeous, all-inclusive studio is located in Hagerstown MD. We have a gorgeous building with architecture inspired by castles, a ton of natural light, and beautiful sets inside!

Only if you give us permission! Privacy is our #1 focus and no one outside the team sees your images unless we have your full permission in the form of a model release. No one outside our team ever has to see your images if you don’t want them to!

Yes! Our Pre-Session Payment Plan is as flexible as it gets because it’s in-house through us (no credit line/check/interest etc) and you pick every single variable that can be chosen. They come with fun bonuses like our wings, extra products for your order, or a 60-minute massage! Every single one of our clients has used it and found it user-friendly! They take place before your session so that when you arrive that day, you won’t be focused on finances, you’ll be ready to have FUN!

Spring Shower Sale Bonuses

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Meet Our Team



As someone who has been considered Plus Size her entire life, Audrey completely understands what it’s like to move through the world in a bigger body. What it feels like to either be stared at or ignored altogether. How hard it is to find clothes in your size in everyone else’s favorite stores. Audrey also struggles with body dysmorphia and has worked hard to stop idolizing the teenage version of herself because that was when she was her smallest size.

Beauty Artist

Most of the members of the ARP Team are also considered plus size and you would not only be welcome here, but truly celebrated. Our lead stylist Kaila is a master at color theory as well as all hair types. For the women of color nervous about booking a team of caucasian women, I can absolutely promise you that we do not partner with anyone who is not capable of matching your complexion or styling your natural hair.

I never would have thought I’d do something like this but I took the plunge and I’m so glad I did! This was such a fun experience and I will forever remember it! No matter how nervous you are, and trust me I was nervous, Audrey makes you feel so comfortable! She makes it so easy and fun and she’s the best hype woman!

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